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Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine is a collection of healthcare practices thousands of years old, including the insertion of tiny needles into specific points in the body as well as therapies such as cupping, moxibustion, herbal medicine, and massage. Acupuncture can help increase your overall sense of well-being and help your body cope with the effects of stress. It can also help you sleep better, improve your energy levels, balance your emotions, and lessen pain.

Deirdre Kelley, LAc, MAc

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Deirdre Kelley DiplAc. LicAc. graduated from the New England school of Acupuncture in 2010 with a focus in Japanese styles, Orthopedic and chronic pain management, and was the recipient of the compassionate healer award upon graduation. Deirdre has been certified by the University of Vermont’s Medical School in Medical Cannabis for pain relief and other disorders, and has grown and produced CBD cannabis products since 2017. 


Deirdre is currently the President of the Vermont Acupuncture Association working to expand acupuncture services to more Vermonters. 

Deirdre graduated in 2021 from the Lotus Institute’s 1yr Master Face Reading program with Lillian Bridges. 

Face Reading is an ancient technique based in Classical Chinese Medicine and Daoist philosophy that helps people to better understand their gifts and talents through face shape and other unique qualities on the face.

Deirdre can help to uncover trauma patterns through wrinkle readings that will soften lines and resolve wrinkles, especially once we understand why we are making certain face movements that leads to the formation of wrinkle patterns. Face reading can also help identify health problems that can be resolved through acupuncture, diet, supplements, herbal remedies and lifestyle shifts. 


To schedule with Deirdre, please head to her website:

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