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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy assists the body/mind/spirit into greater levels of well-being. Whether needing assistance with a particular issue or area or looking for deep relaxation and energetic alignment, each therapist at our center is skilled in a variety of techniques to work with your needs.

Maressa Fonger McKee, LMT, Reiki, CranioSacral,

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In a session, I utilize my keen intuition and a variety of techniques to cater a bodywork session to your unique healing needs. 

I blend deep tissue, myofascial release, range of motion, craniosacral, sound healing and shamanic practices to facilitate healing on mental, emotional, and energetic levels as well as physical. 

I also offer tarot/intuitive readings, and energy hygiene/space clearing consultations.

Contact Maressa directly at:

For more info visit:

You can schedule with Maressa via the "schedule online" button 

Marie Antonellis, LMT, Astrologer

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When it comes to bodywork, Marie loves two things; tools and fascia. Whether she is using her hands or her feet to give massage, her style is a slow deep tissue massage with a myofascial focus. Graduated and licensed in Massage Therapy in 2012, Marie combines her innate attentive nurturing with a diverse skill set to accomplish the needs of her clients. Marie is also a practicing Astrologer with a decade of experience and offers Birth Chart Readings.


Contact Marie directly:

You can schedule with Marie by clicking the "Schedule Online" button at the top of the page.

Libby Garofalo, CMT - Humanitas Massage


My massage work is focused on deep listening and mindfulness in combination with skill and experience to address a wide variety of musculoskeletal issues. I have experience working with folks of all ages, genders, health conditions, and abilities. The bodywork I give is strong, but I am also able to adjust the depth and pace for a truly personalized massage experience.


*To Schedule with Libby or learn more about her services, please visit her website:

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