Massage Therapy

Massage therapy assists the body/mind/spirit into greater levels of well-being. Whether needing assistance with a particular issue or area or looking for deep relaxation and energetic alignment, each therapist at our center is skilled in a variety of techniques to work with your needs.

Maressa Fonger McKee, LMT


In a massage session, I like to blend flow with focus. I offer compassionate and conscious touch while utilizing a variety of therapeutic techniques including deep tissue, myofascial release, Swedish, range of motion, and Reiki to help open and relieve any area feeling stiff, sore or stuck. I listen intently to your needs and tune into your body’s rhythm to assist you and your body find peace and healing.

Maressa also offers Tarot readings, sound healing and massage/energy work hybrid sessions.


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Libby Garofalo, CMT - Humanitas Massage


My massage work is focused on deep listening and mindfulness in combination with skill and experience to address a wide variety of musculoskeletal issues. I have experience working with folks of all ages, genders, health conditions, and abilities. The bodywork I give is strong, but I am also able to adjust the depth and pace for a truly personalized massage experience.


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Everett McKee, LMT

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I graduated from the Massage School in Acton, Massachusetts in 2012, and have been an LMT for 5 years, mindfully tending to each client with a session specifically catered to ease their aches and pains. Whether you need full body work or an area specific massage, I work with you before, during, and after each massage to ensure your needs are being met.

Everett also offers cupping.


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