Other Services

The following are other various services our practitioners offer. 

CranioSacral Therapy

A gentle, non-invasive touch that elicits a deep myofascial release of the dura - the membrane that lines the cranium and houses the brain, cerebro-spinal fluid, spinal cord and nerves all the way down to the tailbone.

Helpful for muscle/joint pain, TMJ disorder, headache/migraine relief, stress reduction, mobility and structural alignment, mental/emotional expansion, low back and neck pain and more!

Great for kids and adults alike

60 Minutes - $85

Can be combined with other modalities


Reiki is a hands-on non-invasive energy healing modality that assists in clearing, realigning, balancing the body's chakra system. Each session is unique and extremely relaxing. Recipients notice tangible shifts in their ability to process emotions, past traumas and greater integrations of thriving wellness in every day life.

45 Minutes - $70

60 Minutes - $85

75 Minutes - $100

90 Minutes - $115

Massage/Energy/Sound Healing Hybrid Sessions

Want massage AND to experience deeper layers of release and healing on an energetic/mental/emotional level? 

These sessions are best for those who want to dive deeper into the mind/body/spirit connections. Sessions are a blend of sound healing - using tuning forks + frame drum, Reiki, crystal & shamanic practices with the intent to clear, align and assist in the integration of one's experiences into a grounded embodiment of one's authentic true inner divine nature + potential.

Sessions are a minimum of 75 mins, offered by Maressa and prices are the same as a massage or reiki session.  

Tarot Reading

Tarot is a tool of insight, wisdom, pattern recognition and to some degree, divination. Forms of tarot, or the use of oracles, date back to ancient times. The tarot deck is a tool through which universal wisdom can flow and offer guidance for the inquirer.

As an add on to another treatment - $30

Stand alone session - $45

CBD Consultation

Contact Deirdre Kelley for more information regarding CBD, her products, or receiving a consultation.



Face Reading

Face reading is an ancient technique based in Classical Chinese Medicine & Daoist philosophy that helps people to better understand their gifts and talents through face shape and other unique qualities no the face.



1 Hour - $140​